Forms Used in Field Services Wing

Fertilizer Registration Form

Fertilizer Manufacturer’s Registration Form

Forms Used in Plant Protection Wing

Application Form for Registration of Pesticides(Form 1)

Certificate for Registration of Pesticides (Form 2)

Application for Renewal of a Certificate of Registration of Pesticides(Form-3)

Certificate of Renewal of Registration of Pesticides(Form-4)

 Application for Licence or Renewal of Licence to Import Pesticides(Form-5)

Application for the Grant or Renewal of Licence for Manufacturer or Formulation of Pesticides(Form-6)

Application for the Grant or Renewal of Licence to held in stock for Wholesale of Pesticides(Form-7)

Application for Grant of Renewal of Retail Licence for Pesticides(Form-8)

Application for a Licence or Renewal of Licence for Repacking of Pesticides(Form-9)

Application for Grant of Pest Control Operation Licence on Commercial Basis or Renewal Thereof(Form-10) 

Application for Grant or Renewal of License to Make Advertisement of Pesticides (Form-11)

License to Import Pesticides (Form-12)

License for Manufacture/Formulation of Pesticides(Form-13)

License to Hold Stock for Wholsale of Pesticides(Form-14)

License for Retail Sale of Pesticides (Form-15)

License to Repack Pesticides(Form-16)

License for Pest Control Operation on Commercial Basis (Form-17)

License for Advertisement of Pesticides(Form-18)

Memorandum to Director, Pesticide Laboratory(Form-19)

Report of Test or Analysis by Pesticide Laboratory(Form-20)

Report of results of analysis of test of sample by Government Analyst(Form-21)

Application for the Testing of a Pesticide by the Purchaser (Form-22)

Report of the Test or Analysis for Purchaser(Form-23)

Order not to Dispose of Any Stock (Form-24)

Reciept for Stock of Pesticides Seized(Form-25)

 Application Forms for Import Permit to import plant or plant Products