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Field services wing
Overviews of the Wing :

The largest wing and grass root level Extension Service provider of DAE. The field services wing of DAE provides Agricultural Extension Service to the grass root level in Bangladesh. Agricultural experts at District and Upazilla/Thana level and a number of extension workers at the union (lower most administrative unit) or block s (2-4 blocks in one union) are working for the farmers whose job involves facilitating change in agricultural sector as well as socio-economic development.

Responsibilities of Field Services Wing:

planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating annual farmer responsive extension programmes in 468 thanas in Bangladesh, under the primary management of the Thana Agricultural Officers, with support from the Deputy Directors (District) and Additional Directors (Region);
developing general extension policy options for the department, by making reference to relevant Government agricultural and agricultural extension policy, including those on crop development and plant protection originating from DAE; and evaluations of previous years extension programmes provided by the Planning and Evaluation Wing;
co-ordinating extension policy and planning between DAE and other extension providers and research agencies through the Extension Policy Implementation Co-ordination Committee (EPICC), Agricultural Technical Committee (ATC), District Extension Planning Committee (DEPC), Thana Planning Workshops (TPW) and Thana Agricultural Extension Co-ordination Committees (TAECC);
preparing adequate revenue and development budgets for wing and field activities, and exercising control over expenditure, sub-warranted to staff in field offices;
ensuring that research programmes from agricultural research institute programmes, especially those funded through DAE, respond to needs identified by farmers and field staff;
co-ordinating the overall process in DAE of converting information obtained from research institutes, business and overseas, into extension messages, which will then be disseminated through the Media Cell and through training programmes and materials prepared by the Training Wing;
overseeing the conversion of information from relevant research institutes and other sources into extension messages and information packages on technical issues not covered by the technical wings of DAE, especially on soil, fertiliser, seeds and farm economics and marketing;
liaison with the Planning and Evaluation Wing in the collection and analysis of data on monitoring and evaluating field services, information on crop production, prices and input availability for farmers