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Food Crops wing

Overviews of the Wing :

To cope with the increased food demand, this wing is committed to make available food crops technology among the farmers. Horticulture centers countrywide (78nos) is involved in familiarizing horticultural crops through producing saplings, farmers training and liaison to related industries.

Responsibilities of food crops Wing:
acting as the main point of contact between DAE and research institutes, especially through the National Agricultural Technical Co-ordination Committee (NATCC), for collecting information on developments in food crops technology, maintaining technical liaison with related industries, and collecting information on technology developments overseas;
overseeing the conversion of up-to-date technology information into extension messages and staff training modules where appropriate, in relation to food crops;
overseeing the development of model programmes for income-generation, to be made available for use in the field;
ensuring specialised information packages are passed, via Media Cell and Training Wing, to field staff, so that they are available for use by them in thana extension plans as local needs require;
providing technical guidance to the Director General and other wing directors where necessary, and directing field personnel (District Specialists through their Deputy Directors) in respect of food crop production;
providing technical advice to the Director General / Government on tariffs and other policy issues;
receiving and responding to requests for technical advice sent by Agricultural Technical Committees and District Specialists on matters pertaining to food crops production and extension in the field;
obtaining reports from the Management Information System on extension activities, and on food crop production and marketing, and producing evaluation and production reports;
providing advice to Horticultural Centres to enable them to produce and distribute high quality seed and saplings to farmers.