From The Director General
The philosophy of “Digital Bangladesh” comprises ensuring people’s democracy and rights, transparency, accountability, establishing justice and ensuring delivery of government services in each door through maximum use of technology-with the ultimate goal to improve the daily lifestyle of general people.Government’s “Digital Bangladesh” includes all classes of people and does not discriminate people in terms of technology. Hence, government have emphasized on the four elements of “Digital Bangladesh Vision” which are human resource development, people involvement, civil services and use of information technology in different public sector services. Among all other government sectors agriculture is most important sector of our country. Throughout the world 6th generation agricultural development program is going on by the support of ICT mediated E- agricultural practices. In case of dissemination of agricultural information and technology website is one of the most effective media. Through the website we can serve the farmers and other people concerned to the agriculture. Considering all the things in mind Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) has prepared this bi-lingual dynamic website to expedite the E-agricultural services in our country. Gradually this website will be upgraded and I hope people will be benefited from this website.

Krishibid Md. Abbas Ali
Director General