Planning Evaluation: Duties and Activities
The Responsibilities of Planning And Evaluation Wing are:
overseeing the production of an Annual Development Plan (ADP) for DAE, ensuring that this plan is consistent with the policy and strategic objectives set by DAE;
preparing plans for policy development and new projects;
preparing DAE’s five year development plan ensuring that the identification of projects are consistent with DAE’s policy and strategic objectives;
working with donors through the Donor Consultative Sub-Committee of the Extension Policy Implementation Co-ordination Committee (EPICC) to obtain support through projects which is consistent with the New Agricultural Extension Policy and the departmental extension approach;
administering projects;
co-ordinating and supervising the monitoring and evaluation of project implementation, in co-operation with respective project directors, including the physical inspection of projects;
processing monitoring data which is submitted from Thana, District or Regional offices;
responding to day-to-day enquiries from the Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Commission and External Resources Department on the ADP and new project proposals, attending monthly project review meetings within DAE, and representing DAE at project review meetings at Ministry level;
maintaining links with higher planning organisations;
overseeing the maintenance of DAE’s Management Information System (MIS) and approving all MIS and computer related activities;
overseeing the operation of a system for monitoring and evaluating the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the extension service against its stated strategy and performance targets.

Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual progress report of projects & programs to concern ministry.


Mid term budghet preparation & implementation of whole works.

Identification of  new  projects & preparation of brief proposal.
Foreign-Aid projects preparation & keeping liaison with other donar agencies.

Making document on DPP, PDPP,TAPP, RADP Appraisal Prepare MOU of loan etc.


Prepare Comments on projects preparation of various organizations.

Provide comments and information as per demand of  ECNEC.

Providing budget related information.


To collect information & Report preparation to reveal economic survey report by MOF.


Preparation of Specific work plan of projects/Programs, Annual procurement planning and submission of reports.

Prepare project completion report and commenting on IMED completion report.

Providing necessary information on demand from MOA in given format.


Preparation of 4 year Agricultural development plan (DAE part), Sixth five year plan and submission of these documents to MOA.

Preparation of RPA money related progressive reports.

Preparation of minutes on behalf of member- secretary of DAE management committee and conduction of meeting.