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Planning & Evaluation Wing
Overviews of the Wing :

The achievement of DAE is being accomplished by a number of development Projects and Programs. Periodically this wing is in demand to elaborate a set of potential actions, programs, or technologies, and select the best for implementation. The mainstream of DAE is being supported through the projects and programs by the initiatives of this wing, which continuously busy with addressing problems with agricultural and socio-economic development, conceptualizing the major alternatives and implementation of the suitable alternative.


                                               Additional Director

I. Deputy Chief                      II.Deputy Chief            III. Senior Production Economist 

a. Production Economist     a. Production Economist   a. Production Economist  

b. Agricultural Economist    b. Agricultural Economist  b. Research Officers

 c. Research Officers            c. Research Officers              c. Statistical Officers  

 d. Statistical Officers           d. Statistical Officers

Department of Agricultural Extension Consists of seven wings, Planning & Evaluation Wing is one of them. This wing is headed by Additional director and divided into three section such as Monitoring Evaluation & Reporting, Policy Planning and Project Preparation sections. On the other hand it is consulates with 25 officers & 20 staffs. Now 32 development Projects 8 Programs are ongoing. Among them Five Projects & Two Programs will be successfully completed in June/2014. Hope that, increasing the use of modern variety and technological knowledge in farmer’s level the production will be increased by successfully implementation of these projects.

The function of the planning and evaluation wing are:

i) Plans, coordinates and works with other wings within the department in developing programs, determining resource requirements of such programs, expressing then in operating and capital budgets (ADPs) and processing schemes and projects.

ii) Represents the capabilities and resource needs of Agricultural Extension Department to the higher planning bodies.

iii) Provides staff assistance to Director General on matters relating to planning and programming of agricultural extension projects and preparation of budget.

iv) Evaluates and monitors projects & programs implementation in cooperation with other wings at the headquarters.