Value Added Technology
Preparation of mixed ketchup based on Banana with tomato and tamarind

Banana tomato mixed ketchup: Over ripe Sagar kolla is taken, Peeled and blended with equal amount of water. Tomato pulp from ripe red colored tomato is taken. All measured amount of spices are roasted and grinded separately. Measured amount of banana and tomato pulp are mixed with sugar, cooked and stirred thoroughly. Salt and all grinded spices are added when TSS became 200 Brix. Acetic acid is added during 240 Brix. Sodium Benzoate is mixed with small amount of water. This mixture are added during 260 Brix, stirred thoroughly and stopped cooking. Then ketchups are poured into sterilized glass bolltes and caped properly. These bottles are heated into boiling water for an hour. Hot bottles are cooled and kept in a dry place. Banana tamarind mixed ketchup: Over ripe Sagar kolla are taken, peeled and blended with equal amount of water. Ripe tamarind is taken. Shell and seed are removed. By adding double amount of water in tamarind, pulp is made by hand pressing. Banana and tamarind pulp are mixed with sugar. Then same procedure as banana tomato mixed ketchup is followed. These ketchups are shelf stable up to 4 months. Women, interested people, and small, medium and large-scale processors could be adopted the technology all over Bangladesh. Source:Postharvest Technology Section, HRC, BARI, Gazipur.

Preparation and packaging of Jackfruit Chips

Fully mature jackfruit is taken and peeling is done carefully. After peeling, seeds are removed form the bulbs. Then the bulbs are cut into 4cm x 2cm slices and blanched in water for 4 minutes. The slices are dried using a mechanical dryer at 700C temperature for 1 hour and 600C for rest 6 hours. After drying, the slices are fried in palm oil at a temperature of 1600C and stirred with narrow wooden stick. When the slices obtained in light yellow colour, the chips are put out from saucepan. The prepared chips are mixed with tasting salt and spices in a bowl and packed in metalex foil pouch and stored in ambient temperature (28-320C). Jackfrruit chips are shelf-stable up to 4 months. Source: Postharvest Technology Section, HRC, BARI, Gazipur.

Preparation of fruits candy from Jackfruit and Mango

Jackfruit bulbs and mango pulps without seeds are cut into 1x 0.5 x 0.5 cm pieces and balanced in hot water at 950C for 4 minutes and rinsed in clean water. Then the slices immersed in 2% NaCl and calcium lactate solution having 0.1% KMS (Potassium metabisulphite) for 2 hours. After drained, the slices dipped into 25% Brix syrup and heated slowly until 30, 35, 40, and 50% Brix at 12 hours interval. The ratio of the fruit to syrup maintained at 1:3 by adding syrup and 5% citric acid. Finally, the material cooked until the syrup attained 60 and 70% Brix. Then the slices drained and dipped in water to remove adhering syrup followed by blottering and dried in the cabinet dryer at 700C for one hour and the rest of the period maintained 600C until the product reached the moisture content of 10%. The prepared candies packed in polyethylene pouch and stored at ambient condition. Candies are shelf-stable up to 6 months. Source:Postharvest Technology Section, HRC, BARI, Gazipur.